promind complex

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you don't have to worry. Before you start asking your ignorant mind to speak to you. (It might sound strange at first, but be patient.) Then relax. Start focusing on your breathing. Inside and outside. Inside and outside. Inside and outside. Let go of any tension you may be feeling in your muscles. Just focus on your breathing. If you're struggling to relax, the refreshing video below may help.

When you are in a comfortable position promind complex review and feel your mind is calm, we want to start playing. Try to control your emotions. The thought will appear in your head. Just pay attention to the thought. Try not to answer them. Be careful. Notice how you feel. Don't try to fight the thought. Let it be. Memory will eventually disappear. Remember this thought later.

Continue with as many ideas as you want. They will keep coming. You are dealing with your unconscious mind. After completing this exercise. Examine the ideas. Ask yourself what these thoughts mean to me? What do these thoughts tell me about myself? Do this exercise every day and you will be amazed at how much you will learn about the inner workings of your mind.

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